Sunday, 18 February 2018

Michael Luyniuk, Jorge Royan

The comic "No right turn" is proceeding steadily. Again a few new panels, the first of chapter 8. As you may remember Desirée and Bob climbed the crane to check out the area, looking for Boris and the samurai girl. The first drawing is made by me, unfortunately a sketchers did not have enough time to make hers, so I jumped in.
The second is an adapted one by e late Jorge Royan. I added the silhouette of Boris into an existing drawing.
And the last drawing is by my good blog friend Michael Lukyniuk, from Ottawa, Canada, and his lovely drawing of the boat being lifted out of the harbour.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Als een reiziger, na drie dorstige dagen trekken door stoffige vlaktes, eindelijk de poorten van de stad ziet, met daarachter de vele op elkaar gestapelde torens met kleurrijk versierde balkons, dan.......
.... ontdekt hij dat elke toren een eigen functie heeft. Een bazaartoren, een herberg, een goudsmederij. De bovenste toren herbergt de bibliotheek. Daarin ....
.... zal hij, evenzeer dorstig van de reis als hunkerend naar kennis, zich kunnen laven aan de boeken, de oude manuscripten, de in verguld leer gebonden folianten, de slordig gedrukte stencils, de half verweerde paperbacks, en naar oud parkament ruikende atlassen, zich lui vleiend in eindeloze kasten, verbonden door trappen en balkons, door bruggen en wenteltrappen. Maar als hij dan deze werken opent ....
.... die hem met een glimlach door de oude bibliothecaris zijn aangereikt ontdekt hij dat op de eerste bladzijde van elk boekwerk een afbeelding van een roos prijkt. Hij vraagt de bibliothecaris naar de betekenis daarvan. De man kijkt verbaasd en ....
.... zal zeggen: "Maar mijnheer, de roos, dat is toch het begin en het eind van alles?". "Waar U een boek ziet, zie ik de dicht beschreven bladeren van de roos". "waar U de zoete parfum van een jonge ontluikende vrouw ruikt, ruik ik de frisheid van de roos". "Waar U de stad .....
.... ziet, zie ik de compositie van de bloembladeren van de roos. Dat was ook het model waarnaar onze stichters deze stad destijds gebouwd hebben".
Hierna verliet ik welgemoed deze stad genaamd Rosamunda, benieuwd naar wat de volgende stad, Tulipa, mij te bieden zou hebben.

Verhaal door Rene Fijten en Clemens Maasen.

When a traveller, after walking three thirsty days through dusty highlands, finally reaches the gates of this city, admiring the many stacked towers decorated with colourful balconies, then...
... he will realise that each tower has a function of its own. The Bazaar tower, a guesthouse highrise, a goldsmith. The highest tower houses the library. There.....
... he will, as thirsty from the travels as thirsty for knowledge, be able to submerge in all the books, the old manuscripts, the foliants bound in gilded leather, the faded stencils, the worn paperbacks, the atlases smelling of ancient parchment, all lazily reclining in endless rows of cabinets, connected by staircases and balconies, catwalks and spiral staircases. But after opening these books....
.... which are handed to him by the old librarian, he will realize that each first page of each book will show the image of a rose. He asks the librarian to its meaning. The man looks genuinely puzzled and... 
.... exclaims: "but Sir, the Rose, wouldn't you agree that it represents the beginning and end of everything?" "Where you see a book, I see the densely lettered leaves of the Rose." "Where you smell the sweet perfume of a young budding woman, I smell the freshness of the Rose!". "Where you see the city"....
.... "I see the intricate composition of the petals of the Rose. That was the model after which our founders built this city." After this explanation I good humouredly left this town called Rosamunda, curious what the next city, Tulipa, would offer.

A story by Clemens Maassen and me. I started with the first sentence, and Clemens did the second, etc. It slowly evolved into a Calvino type of story, neither of us knew where it would lead.....

Monday, 12 February 2018

Optoch va Gebrook

The Carnaval Parade of Hoensbroek. This is the float of the group "De Druim" (the dream).

Themed on Alice in wonderland. It was freezing cold, and it was snowing in between a few sunny patches. Strange weather.

This what reality looked like.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Koerenne op de mèrt

Kowrenne (Cowrunning) has started last evening. The start of Carnaval in Hoensbroek.
Unfortunately it was far too cold to make a live drawing (even though I had my sketching gear with me), we had minus 4 C and a cold eastern wind. So I made this at home while thawing my frozen toes. But I ran for 15 years under such a cow, so I have no problem catching the atmosphere.
Follow the label below if you want to see earlier sketches of Kowrenne.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Magdeburg Hundertwasser (2)

I noticed that I hadn't posted this drawing yet. It's the other side of the Hundertwasser building, the backside.

I had half an hour left to make the pendrawing before my train would leave.
I totally disliked the actual colours of the building, so I determined to keep it in slightly coloured greytones.
I think it works far better than the other drawing, of a few posts back.

This was also the first time I reused my Lamy Joy with a calligraphy nib (1.5), it had been lying in my desk for years.
Back then it didn't work for me, but now I really liked working with it. So I used it to make the Rotterdam drawing (Piekstraat) as well. Which I even like better!
Funny how you sometimes rediscover materials after time.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Rotterdam, Piekstraat

I was in Rotterdam, yesterday, for the final presentation of a 4 day training in Projectmanagement.
We finished quite early, so I had time to make this sketch at the harbour.
But is was cold, an icy wind was blowing in my back.
It's an old industrial crane, at the river Maas. The other side of the river is where the city center is.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

No right Turn: Chapter 7 the escape

I am hosting a collaborative Comic, with the much appreciated help of now about 25 artists.

I determine the story and scene, but the artists decide how and in which style to draw.
We have 57 pages already, but we are drawing to the final stages.
Chapter 7 "The escape" is now finished. I will show the new drawings in a few days.

This chapter has contributions of:
Rene Fijten
Jerry Wease
Jim Scheel
Rene Fijten
Laura F. Sfiat
Jorge Royan (deceased, this panel was inserted to honour him)

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Magdeburg, Hundertwasser

Business trip to Magdeburg. There is a Hunderwasserhaus there. In the meantime I visited some of them: in Vienna and Houthem. I am no fan, but his ideas are at least very interesting.
This one is the largest of the Hundertwasser buildings, including shops, apartments, a hotel, restaurants, parking garages and even a theatre. A regular cityblock.
This sketch was made in the evening. The colours are not correct, it was dark by then. The next day reality showed the colour of the building to be light pink. :(

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Urban sketching Maastricht

Urban sketching meeting today, in Maastricht. It was very cold (4 degrees C), but luckily no wind.
And we were sitting a bit sheltered on a covered terrace.
I made this impression of one of the facades of the Market, with a row of old houses.
It took a lot of time to make this, the water would only dry very slowly. But that offered a chance to warm yourself on a hot cup of coffee.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Morgan 3 wheeler

A drawing with the same technique. Indian ink, and gouache.
I love that machine, I saw one on the street once: they are tiny and very cramped.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Raven

Indian Ink, white and black gouache.
Inspired and based on a painting by Lindsey Kustusch (San Francisco).
I found the image on internet, it was really hard to find the original painter.
She makes a lot of inspiring work.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Hotel lobby Rotterdam

Travels to Rotterdam. A sketch made in the restaurant of my hotel, while waiting for the dinner to arrive. I did the figure first. Then, after dinner, when the guy was gone, I added the chandelier and painting frame.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Grandfather/mother again!

We had to keep it quiet for some time, but I can now post it: our daughter is expecting her second child, in early summer.
It's our second grandchild. We love it.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Tourists are early this year

Yesterday morning, being early for the appointment for renewal of my driving license, I had time to make this little sketch. Actually, it's a bit humouristic statue on the Geleenstraat in Heerlen.
At least he stood still long enough to make this.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Flat earth exploration

It was one of those days that I just had to draw something.
This is the Scientific Exporation Ship "Mondo Plano". Equipped to have a peek across the end of the world, back in the days when everyone thought the earth was flat.
I had a discussion on FB about the dangers of sea exploration, and how Columbus set out proving the world was round. So the thought crossed my mind: how would the vessel have looked if the Vatican would have wanted to prove their point?

Monday, 1 January 2018

Sinterklaas 2017

First of all: best wishes for the new year. May all dreams come thru, and may you live in the best of health.
Now, I had planned to do a lot of sketching and painting this holiday, but I just needed some switching off time. Fixing things in our house, running, binge watching Netflix series, reading Dan Brown, visiting Weihnachtsmarkten, family to attend. A full schedule as you can see.
Instead of sketches I show here a few surprise gifts that I made for my family. For Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas). Dutch children get presents, adults get surprise gifts. Somehow in our family the tradition grew that I make all of them.
Above the fused glass object I made for our daughter in law, Lisa. She is (still) a dedicated Pokemon addict, looking for "Shiny Pokemons".

My son, Mart recieved a leather bound book "the Big Book of Noses" in which I collected 60 drawings of different noses (not shown here).

For my son in law, Bob, I made this little "urban object", referring to the difficult concrete floor we had to make last summer.
And it contains a real little cast concrete floorpart.

For my daughter I made a real "Proefschrift" (in Dutch a Doctoral Thesis is called "proefschrift". The word proef means both "test" and "taste") So I made a "Tasting book".
With all kind of spices and special tasting stuff.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Glass postdoc object

I made this glass object for a few collegues of Rianne, the two girls who helped her during the presentation and organisation of the Doctoral presentation.
The themes that show in her thesis are also represented in this glass object (about 25x25 cm large).
That was an easy one for me, as I also made the bookcover itself.
The flowing colours represent the mass of biological data, the form represents a 3 dimensional grid that is the means to visualise and organize the data.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Sharkeye enters the pawnshop

Picking up the collaborative Comic Noir: "No right turn". The last few months I had little time to host it, but I decided to pick it up again. This is a panel where Sharkeye, the private investigator, enters the pawn shop where the femme fatale (Desirée) is held captive. The bad guys (Big Bad Boris and the Ninja Girl) just escaped through the tunnel to the harbour. With the Golden box and the diamond....

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Maastricht Grote gracht

A quick sketch of a little house, squeezed in between two higher buildings on the Grote gracht in Maastricht.
Took me about 10 minutes to make.
Last of the drawings of the Urban Sketching meeting on saturday 16th.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Workshop "living lines"

During the Urban Sketching day in Maastricht, I gave a workshop "Living Lines". How to train yourself in making confident linework.

These are the handouts.
I first did some warming up exercises.
Then I had the group experiment in making different types of lines.
My point was, that most sketchers are too busy staring at the subject, that they forget the means that they use.
Good line work, as with good colourwork, will enhance what you are trying to tell.

I had barely time to prepare for the meeting, I sat at a restaurant in a hotel in Rotterdam, and figured out that I had to make some examples.
So I took the subject in front of me: an ugly little Christmas decoration on the table.
I did different techniques:
1: Open linework, cross or break lines.
2: Colour and line independent.
3: Watertight ink: thick/thin lines
4: Non-waterproof ink: allow the water to bleed  the ink.
5: Chinese ink and bamboo pen: the line textured: from black to grey.